How to prepare for the class....

We look forward to meeting you in our upcoming Certified ScrumMaster workshop! In advance of the class, we have a few pre-program "Warm-Ups" for you and some quick, optional activities that will introduce you to the major concepts of the workshop. Please complete at least two of the optional activities, but don't miss number 6!


1. Please read the Scrum Guide: and write down any questions from your reading.

2. Write down at least 3 personal learning objectives you want to accomplish during the class. Bring them with you.

3. Watch this short video of the creator of Scrum. After you've watched it, jot down what is (or what should be) your team's definition of done.

4. Read this short blog post and jot down any notes meaningful to you.

5. Watch any or all of the videos in the Scrum Foundations eLearning Series.

6. Very Important: Please click the link below and complete the form to ensure we have the correct information for your certification. If you already have another Scrum Alliance certification, please use the same e-mail address

See you at the workshop!

P. S. You don't need to print a ticket. If you need anything before the workshop contact Kevin at or Brooke