Applied Frameworks leverages the specialized skills of expert consultants who provide training, coaching, and consulting. Our consultants are well-versed in the business frameworks that apply to product management, marketing and agility for technology firms.

Here are two examples of the consultants we work with

Rich Mironov

Rich Mironov is a serial entrepreneur, including as founder/CEO, VP Product Management and VP Marketing for start-ups, as well as go-to-market strategist and agile “product guy”.  Rich is a veteran of six tech start-ups and more than 60 consulting engagements.  Since 2006, he’s provided full-time and interim consulting/mentoring to large and small technology companies.

Rich is the author of  “The Art of Product Management” ( ) and his decade-long Product Bytes blog ( ) ponders software, start-ups, product strategies, Silicon Valley, and the inner life of product managers.

Rich has guest lectured at business schools and executive education programs around the world, served on the board of SVPMA, and so-chaired the first product manager/ product owner tracks (2008, 2009) at the Agile Alliance’s annual conference.   He has a BS Physics from Yale and an MBA from Stanford. 

Jennifer Doctor

Jennifer is the managing partner of HarborLight Partners, a product consulting firm focused on helping companies identify, develop, launch and bring their products to market. HarborLight helps companies better understand their market and organization so they can “unstick” their product and gain momentum unleashing the product’s potential.

In this role, Jennifer brings a unique blend of product management, product marketing, marketing, and IT knowledge to her work, allowing her to effectively speak to all roles and teams involved throughout the product lifecycle.

Her passion is helping the role of the product marketer to share the value of product marketing and earn respect and trust within organizations.

Jennifer has more than 15 years of experience in product marketing and product management, working with companies to help them bring products to life. Her experience includes “time in the trenches”, and she has done it all, from market segmentation and persona development, to gathering requirements, developing use cases, prioritization of features, and writing the stories and requirements, as well as messaging, launching and presenting to markets and buyers, writing and designing marketing collateral, and working with sales teams to enable them to deliver results.

Jennifer blogs at


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