Invite us to speak at your next leadership team meeting or industry event. Here are abstracts from some of our recent sessions.

Best practices in managing products

There’s a lot of emphasis these days on making one department more efficient, or implementing a new method in another department. But isolated approaches can only go so far. What’s really needed is a simple, integrated approach that optimizes your product delivery every step of the way, from business planning to product creation to sales enablement. 

Agile beyond the product team

This session explores the success of agile development, and its impact on product management. But let’s look beyond the product team to the entire process from idea to creation to delivery to customers. Can we be an agile enterprise? Now that we’ve optimized development, it’s time to get the rest of the company on board. 

Expertise in Product Management: beyond the tactical role

Product managers are overwhelmed with too many responsibilities that require too many areas of expertise. In this session, we explore the four types of expertise for product managers and define an ideal product management organization. 

Based on the ebook Expertise in Product Management: beyond the tactical role. [Download it here]

Services as products; product as services

What are you selling—a service or a product? And what’s the difference? Many teams need to package their services as products—delivered consistently with standard pricing, sales sheets, and marketing materials. Many product teams are realizing that customers perceive their products as services—and need to look beyond the software and hardware to the importance of product analytics, best practices, and business rationale.

This session is chock full of examples that show the services wrapped around products and services delivered as products. If you’re thinking about applying product management to your products and services, you’ll enjoy this session!