Looking to change up your Retrospective so that it is not so boring?  Need a way to engage with your stakeholders so that the HiPPOs don’t always dominate?  Well…today you are in luck because I am sharing my four favorite sites that offer Product Owners and ScrumMasters a plethora of collaboration frameworks to choose from.

  1. Retromat: this powerful site created by Corina Balduaf has over 130 frameworks to support ScrumMasters and Agile Coaches in developing high-performing teams.  That said, many of the frameworks found here can be applied by Product Owners with small adjustments.
  2. Gamestorming: another very popular site with a mixture of frameworks for product ideation and team development in ten categories.  Everyone will find many useful frameworks here.  I also highly recommend the book.
  3. Conteneo: offers a large collection of frameworks inspired by the book Innovation Games (you have got to buy the book) plus serves up frameworks developed by the community.  This site is geared toward the Product Owner, but ScrumMasters and Agile Coaches will find a lot here to inspire them and help them in their role.  Plus if you are looking to use online frameworks, Conteneo is the place to go.  The Conteneo frameworks are organized in three categories.
    • Agility and Agile teams: frameworks to support Agile teams and events.
    • Innovation: frameworks to support product ideation and new ideas.
    • Strategy: frameworks to support business, market and portfolio strategy.
  4. Tasty Cupcakes: this is a site is all about Agile games, so ScrumMasters and Agile Coaches will pretty much find a framework here for just about anything.  Like Conteneo, most of the frameworks you will find at Tasty Cupcakes were submitted by the community.  This is a great site, so I recommend using it.