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Level up to Scrum Professional

If you’ve already got your basic Scrum certification, advance your career with our unique online, on-demand Scrum Alliance®-approved training program.

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The Applied Frameworks Classroom Advantage

Our classroom training offers far more benefits than you might expect from any other in-person class.  Immediately apply what you learn with practical exercises facilitated by certified instructors in a wide range of workshops focused on your quick application of concepts and techniques.


“This class was less about Scrum and more about how I can use Agile to build better products.  I feel I really understand the role of Product Owner now and how to do this back at work.”

“I am very grateful for the relaxed, fun and focused atmosphere of this course.  I feel ready with much more than theory and information, I am ready to put this knowledge into practice tomorrow!”

“The course was fast-paced and engaging.  The instructor was well-organized, gave concise answers and structured a number of interactive activities and group discussions to stimulate participation. Fun!”