Simple Definition for Product Vision

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The product vision describes what you intend to provide to the market and the types of customers you intend to serve.  Vision describes the impact you are looking to make with the product.  Impact is defined as the long term accumulation of all the benefits associated with the outcomes the ...
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How to Make a Product Playbook

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"A well-designed system filled with ordinary—but well-trained—people can consistently achieve stunning performance levels."—Robert I. Sutton What’s the status of your product management team? It’s likely some team members have formal training; others don’t. Some have years of experience; some have just started. They’ve probably got some tools they’ve used in ...
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Seven Types of Value Exchange

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If you want to design a business model that generates revenue and provide the organization with profit,  product managers and Product Owners must consider two factors.  The first is customer value, defining what is valuable to the customer with a goal of identifying an unmet need, or unresolved problem, experienced ...
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