Why We Created a Scrum Product Owner Exam


For many years, our Certified Scrum Product Owner students have asked why the Scrum Alliance does not offer an assessment for students completing their CSPO courses. This post explains why there is no exam today and the steps we took to create an exam that students can use to assess their knowledge.

Covid-19: An Agile Case Study


The changes and emotions Covid-19 has brought on society parallel, to a lesser extent, the changes and emotions caused by an Agile transformation, and remind us it’s okay to be disoriented along the way.

Applied Frameworks Grows – How WE Can Be Better Together


Five years ago, Carlton Nettleton and I began collaborating to develop advanced training for ScrumMasters and Product Owners.  Our work culminated in CSP Fast Pass, the first and only online, on-demand option for pursuing the Certified Scrum Professional designation. This year, we realized the need to integrate CSP Fast Pass into ...
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