61% of agile adoption is driven by management


According to VersionOne’s new State of Agile survey, 61% of agile adoption is driven by management.

I always figured that agile was development’s attempt to control those wacky managers—you know—the ones who can’t decide what they want and keep changing their minds. So agile lets us say, “Here’s what we’ve built. Are we close yet?” Two weeks later… “How about now?”

Maybe support for agile is because executives think that agile gets them cheaper code, as reported by 45% of the respondents. Yet 30% of executive are concerned that with agile they lose management control.

I’m confused.


Good news! 92% report that agile allows them to respond to changing priorities.

A note to execs: With agile you can change your priorities occasionally but you can’t change them constantly. [tweet this]

Download the full report from http://stateofagile.versionone.com/why-agile/