#FrameworksForSocialGood, powerful tools for building a better world


One of Applied Frameworks’ corporate values is “Community: We support important causes through pro bono and direct contribution of time and resources.”  Recently, we asked ourselves, “How we could take our unique skills and use them to benefit the community?”  

Our answer, #FrameworksForSocialGood.  After all, the Applied Frameworks team leverages powerful collaboration frameworks to help our clients solve difficult business problems, so why not apply those same tools to solve tough social problems?

As an organization, we aspire to move from transactional community service to an ongoing state of civic responsibility.  #FrameworksForSocialGood is our way of combining our deep knowledge of frameworks, our strong sense of civic responsibility and our deep-rooted belief that only through collaboration can we solve difficult social problems.  

At the 2019 Global Scrum Gathering in Austin, we brought #FrameworksForSocialGood plus a number of collaboration frameworks to see how the Scrum community would react to our unique engagement model.  Our goal was to create some deep thinking around the difficult problem of removing plastic from the ocean and begin to build consensus on some possible solutions.  Overall, It was a fun and engaging experience for us, the organizers of the conference and the participants.  

Stay tuned to this site (and our hashtag #FrameworksForSocialGood) to learn more about the other ways we inspire others to take greater civic responsibility through collaboration frameworks.  In the meantime, we challenge you to ask yourself how you can use your unique skills to give back to your community and those around you. Also, take a moment to join our LinkedIn Group and share how you’re using your skills for good with the Applied Frameworks community