What do your customers want to know?

Went shopping for a dual port USB charger. Seems simple enough.  I think I want this one.

marketing specs copy.PNG

If you were considering this purchase, what specs would you like to know? 

marketing specs.PNG

And there you have it. The most important spec is "the latest innovated [?] charger created by Motorola. (I was wondering about its SIZE! You know, height, width, maybe something relevant to my purchase.) (Oh, and why is a used one twice the price of a new one?)

I often read FAQs and specs to find some key piece of data but I usually get junk like this. Marketing hype. Nonsense specs.

I actually read this one once: "Q: Can it really be this good?" Yeh, I bet you get asked that one frequently.

Specs should answer the frequently asked questions. Get it? FAQ = frequently asked questions! Now, how many people ask, "Is this one of the latest innovated chargers from Motorola?" I mean, really! 

Product descriptions should answer customer questions, not the questions that you wish people would ask but never do. Help a customer move forward in the buying cycle.