10 user stories for a #prodmgmt Christmas (plus 1)

What do you want for Christmas? How about addressing these issues, expressed in the form of user stories?

  1. As the video technician in the family, I want my wife to be able to use our TV setup without training so she doesn’t complain at me. [Logitech Harmony Smart Control]
  2. As a coffee snob, I want to create my own blends for the Keurig machine so I can enjoy every cup. [Ekobrew Refillable K-Cup]
  3. As a video watcher, I want to watch what I want to watch wherever I want to watch it. [Netflix]
  4. As a person who admires good design, I want to see a photo depicting the weather in my favorite cities. [Yahoo Weather]
  5. As a safety-conscious homeowner, I want to be able to quiet my fire alarm without covering it with a shower cap. [Nest Protect
  6. As a traveling consultant I want a Bluetooth headset that works all day so I don’t have to recharge it until bedtime. [Plantronics Voyager Legend and Charging Case]
  7. As a voracious reader, I want my entire library with me when I travel so I can read whatever I want to read wherever I am. [Kindle Paperwhite]
  8. As an advocate of excellence in design, I want anything/everything from Apple.
  9. As a singer/songwriter, I want everyone to enjoy some good music by buying my album called "Years and Years" (or my son's album This Winter Room).

plus one more: