Business Benefits of Product Management

Excellent post by Natalie Yan Chatonsky of Brainmates. She writes,

In this environment, Product Management is one function that can offer organisations significant benefits. Product Management brings with it good, solid business principles. No fancy acronyms, no catchy themes that fade with time. It essentially marries business objectives and target markets needs to deliver measurable, lasting benefits for organisations.

When practiced well, Product Management improves the product’s rate of success in the market, reducing costly product development efforts.

Here are some of other ways that Product Management can assist organisations.

The benefits include:

  1. Product Management Articulates the Customer Value That Sales Sell
  2. Product Management Reduces Risk of Product Failure
  3. Aligning Market Needs with Key Organisational Objectives
  4. Product Management Future-Proofs Organisations

Read the full post in Business Benefits of Product Management on the One Desk blog.

What benefits would you add to this list?