Using Apple TV as a data projector



Problem: you arrive in the corporate conference room for a meeting. There’s a data projector hanging from the ceiling and another on the conference table. Wires are everywhere. You spend 20 minutes trying to hook it all up to your laptop then place a panicked call to the IT guy to come help you figure it out.

Many conference rooms today have a large screen TV in addition to a data projector. And almost everybody has an iPad. What if you put those together?

Just add an Apple TV.

New scenario: You enter the conference room, connect your iPad to a company WiFi network, and project your slides on the large screen TV. No wires. One wireless connection. Easy.

Apple’s “hobby” product is primarily for streaming video from iTunes to a TV. You can also stream video from YouTube or share photos from your iPad.

And it’s also a great way to share presentations.

Just connect an Apple TV to your network and to a free HDMI port on the conference room television. Connect your iPad to the same network and the Apple TV becomes an output device via AirPlay.

slideshark icon

slideshark icon

If you’re like me, you use PowerPoint for your presentations so you’ll want to get the SlideShark app to play PowerPoint slides from your iPad. Of course, Apple’s Keynote product is available for both Mac and iPad so any presentations you create can be shared easily.

Yes, there are times when you really need a laptop and a data projector. But more often nowadays, an iPad with a TV can do the job. What if you added an Apple TV to every conference room? Think of the many wasted minutes you could recover!