Creating a customer case study

One of the most powerful ways to convince buyers is the customer case study. Instead of telling them yourself, let your buyers hear about your best qualities in the words of one (or more) of your customers. Here’s a fairly self-explanatory template to get you started.

Tool: [customer case study] in Word document format.


<Company> achieves <something> with better <program>


~25 words to expand the headline


Any detail leading up to the problem.


What was the big problem they were trying to solve?

Related Issues

More detail on the problem or a sub-problem or additional info.


How did they solve this problem? What program or service did they choose?


Specific results achieved from the program


A typical summary


Pull quote

One great, pitchy, brief verbatim from the client about the benefits of the program

Abstract (~ 50 words)

Summarize the entire document as a short blurb

Dashboard (industry, size, program)

This is a call-out, a box on the upper-right that summarizes the company