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How I became a product manager

By |2020-03-25T14:36:32-04:00December 2nd, 2013|Product|

I didn't necessarily plan for a career in product management. I spent time in development. I spent time in sales, sales engineering, and customer training and implementation. These and my college courses somewhat, perhaps accidentally, prepared me for the job. I majored in marketing and minored in computer science at the ...
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Product Managers: Go Wide or Go Deep?

By |2020-03-25T14:36:33-04:00November 7th, 2013|Product|

Anyone who acquires deep expertise does so at the expense of breadth.—Andrew Hargadon, author, How Breakthroughs Happen In my experience, people have either breadth or depth. Some people have a little information about almost every topic. After all, most people only have so much room in their heads. Some people ...
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Customer Interviews: Analyzing the Data

By |2020-03-25T14:37:16-04:00July 26th, 2013|Process|

She analyzes synergies, or synergizes analogies... or some such thing.—Edward Norton (as "Father Brian Finn"), Keeping the Faith. Alas, most of us have fairly rudimentary tools. Try to get some help from someone with data mining experience but let’s see what we can do without assistance. Nobody knows the data ...
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Customer Interviews: Getting Ready

By |2020-03-25T14:37:16-04:00July 5th, 2013|Process|

Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.—Winston Churchill, British prime minister Every marketing person will tell you that customer interviews provide deep insights on the product, its promotion, your sales team effectiveness, and your company strategy. What they often fail to do is ...
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